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Working with SystemBuilder.Show

1. On the Projects group of the SystemBuilder.Show tab, click New to create a project. Update the project name and click the blue save icon on the grid.

2. The next step is to create Tables within a project. You do that by clicking Tables

3. On the tables, select the project on the treeview to create a Table for and click New.

4. Update the tables name and click the save icon on the grid.

5. When done, you have to create the Columns within the table. Click the Refresh button on the treeview and expand the project to select the table to create the columns for. Click the table

6. Click New on the Columns grid and update the column details and save. Columns are created in sequence but you have a Position field where you specify the TabIndex of the column when the user interface will be created.

7. When done with the columns, click Positions to reorder the column TabIndexes. These will be renumbered from 01 to nn.

8. To create the Business Object for the current table click Business Object. This will open the created source code file for the table using your preferences. The Business Object will act as an interface between the user interface and the backend SQL compact database.

9. You can also after a refresh of the TreeView select the source code file on the treeview to get its details.

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