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This tool is a helper after you create your project in visual studio to create the respective objects and interface using FineUI, OfficeWebUI, SQL Compact and Webforms ASP.NET. FineUI is build using the most impressive ExtJS platform.

SystemBuilder.Show is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform to build database based Web Application using SQL Compact, ASP.NET 4 and FineUI and OfficeWebUI. The application runs on a web server to enable easy accessibility at any location.

The application enables one to create projects, tables and columns within a database structure following the data first approach into building web application.


  • Business Object Builder - creates a class to save and read table information to database
  • Detail Webform (.aspx and .aspx.designer.vb) - creates a user interface and links with class built with Business Object Builder
  • Code behind Builder - the .aspx.designer.vb and .aspx.vb files for the user interface. Only detail page is created currently.

To Do

1. Database Builder - sql commands to build the database.

2. Master & Details Webform Builder - to finalize master detail links

3. Tree & Master Webform Builder

4. Master Webform Builder (inline grid editing)


How to Create a Web App Using SystemBuilder.Show?

1. Create a project using Visual Studio and add a reference to Kimmo.dll, FineUI.dll and any other relevant referenced needed.

Start SystemBuilder.Show and create a new project. Its preferable to use the same name as your Web Solution name.


2. Create a database structure i.e. tables inside the database to use for the application


3. Create the columns for each table in the database structure and specify their properties, user interface properties


4. Create the Business Object i.e. 2nd tier class object to speak to the database and user interface. This will be based on the defined columns.


5. Create the User Interface and Designer source code for the WebForm i.e. the web form will be based on the columns defined before





6. Create the Code behind source code




7 Add Existing / Copy the created source code files in …\SystemBuilderShow\Software Projects\Your Project Name\*.* to your web solution.

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